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Vitality with Integrity Coaching

"Where Community is a mystery to embraced... Not a problem to be solved."
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Growing Your Best
We are your place for Emergent Community Building and
Affirmative Inquiry based coaching and training,
to help grow the best in you and the people you lead.
We invite you to make use of the resources o this site and
we look forward to an opportunity to help you
rediscover and use your God given gifts and purpose.
NEW "VIVA" (life)
for Faith & Secular Communities

Are you looking for a fresh way to get your community to a new, more vital and meaningful place?


Are you looking for greater  

 clarity in re-discovering:


· Who you are

· Where you are going

· How to get there?


Then VIVA could be the beginning of new life for your congregation!




Ed's August, 2016  Connecting... 


Vitality Coaching  



Cell: 262-844-3885

 Office: 414-434-4758