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Coaching Vitality with Integrity

"Where Community is a mystery to embraced... Not a problem to be solved."
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Ed Leidel

Ed is married to Ira Leidel, who is a retired Occupational Therapist. They have two grown sons and two granddaughters. Bishop Leidel is proud of his roots, enthusiastically noting, “I grew up in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin environs with the Green Bay Packers and during the time that the Milwaukee Braves won the World Series." Ed earned his first academic degree in Physics at the University of Wisconsin in Madison and he holds a B.Sc., M.Div. D.Min, and D.D.s. He just missed being in the first wave of John Kennedy’s Peace Corps going to Africa, and instead went to seminary as his second choice. That “second choice” led to a life of service – as a Lieutenant JG Chaplain in the US Navy reserve, and as a priest in congregations ranging from a small inner city congregation to Wisconsin’s largest congregation, as well as congregations in Indianapolis, Indiana; Darwin, Northern Territory (Cathedral), Australia; and St. Paul, Minnesota. During these callings, Ed became especially engaged in mutual ministry and congregational development; in Jungian personality typing and development; in lay training for pastoral care ministry; and in social justice ministries. He was elected Bishop of Eastern Michigan in 1996 and served as their first bishop until 2007. From 2007 to 2010 Ed crossed the border to serve in the Canadian Diocese of Huron where he developed a new ministry of congregational coaching. Ed and Ira now live in Glendale, Wisconsin from where Ed works as a coach and bishop, at large, in service to the Episcopal/Anglican Church in North America. On August 28, 2010, Ed was elected as a part time Bishop Provisional to the Diocese of Eau Claire. This interim role  ended in 2013 when a new bishop of Eau Claire was elected. Presently Ed is working part-time as a coach and mentor to faith and secular communities.

I value...

Mystery, Awe and Wonder as gateways into the Presence of God.


God’s Incarnational Presence (God in “stuff”).


Relationships- I value time spent with my wife, children and extended family. I value the nurture that I receive and give in congregational and diocesan life.


The Appreciative WayHope and Positive Expectation under-girded by Faith and Love.

What one focuses on becomes their reality. So focus on "what is Good, Honorable and Just" (Phil 4:8).

Getting people and systems unstuck.


Transformation through Courageous Pilgrimage that balances law and grace, tradition and progress, institution and community, doing and being, holding-on and letting-go.


Diversity and Difference.


Humility and Tolerance for Ambiguity.


The Anglican/Celtic Ethos.


Intentional Hospitality. One wins the mind through the heart. Belief takes place in the context of community.


Community that is Holistic and Inclusive. All are welcome into God’s embrace. All are of equal worth.


Grassroots Mission. Hands-on mission done by the laity who think globally and act locally.


My Identity:


I am Hopeful, Energetic, Liberating and Perceptive; I am HELP-full


I am a Myers-Briggs personality type ENFP


My Purpose:


“To reaffirm purpose and integrity

in faith and secular communities”





Rt. Rev. Dr. Edwin M. Leidel, Jr.,

B.S., M.Div., D.Min., D.D.s


2007 Coaching Certification Training

with the Clergy Leadership Institute.

2004 Honorary Doctor of Divinity, Huron University College, Ontario, Canada.

1997 Honorary Doctor of Divinity, Nashotah House

1990 Doctor of Ministry Degree, School of Theology of the University of the South Dissertation: Perceptions of Ministerial Roles in Relationship to Three Primary Functions of Ministry.

1973-1975 Course work in Urban Development, University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee.

1964 Master of Divinity degree in theology from Nashotah House Seminary.

1961 Bachelor of Science degree in physics from the University of Wisconsin.



1996 Elected as the First Bishop of the newly created Diocese of Eastern Michigan (100th Domestic Diocese of the Episcopal Church).

1964 Ordained Priest at St. Luke's Episcopal Church,

Racine, Wisconsin.

1964 Commissioned as a Chaplain Lieutenant Junior Grade

in the U.S. Navy.

1963 Ordained Deacon at All Saints Cathedral,

Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Employment Highlights

2003 Raised four million dollars for Diocesan “Breaking New Ground” development initiative.

2001 Appointed to the Anti-Racism Task Force of the National Executive Council.

1997-2000Appointed to the Status of Women Committee to the National Executive Council.

1995 Presenter at the 1995 International Conference for the Association of Psychological Type.

1995 Completed one million dollar building renovation and expansion at St. Christopher's.

1994-1997 Appointed as a field representative for the national Cornerstone Project (fosters leadership wellness).

1994-1997 Participated in the national Clergy Leadership Project

1992 Elected as delegate to the 1994 General Convention.

1992-1995 Appointed to the national Council for the

Development of Ministry of the Episcopal Church.

1992-1994 Elected as chair of Province VI network of Commission on Ministry chairs.

1991-1994 Appointed as chair of the Commission on Ministry of the Diocese of Minnesota.

1988-1989 Member, Province VI Executive Council.

1986-1991 Chair, the Examining Chaplains of the diocese of Minnesota.

1983-1986 Member, the Diocese of Indianapolis Mission Strategy Commission.

1983-1986 Member, the Diocese of Indianapolis Standing Committee.

1966 Created the "Scarlet Snag Coffee House" for youth in Racine, Wisconsin.



2004 Awakening Grassroots Spirituality: A Celtic Guide for Nurturing and Maturing the Soul.

1993 Bishop, Priest or Deacon: Differentiating Distinctive Roles for the Emerging 21st Century Church.

1990 Claiming A Distinctive Character For the Ordained. This paper is part of the Episcopal Diocese of Minnesota's Manual for those preparing for ordained ministry. The paper was also presented to the Church Judicatories of Minnesota at their annual study day in 1990. 

1980 Contributed to the re-writing of the Kerygma bible study program.


Employment History

2010-Present Director of Coaching Vitality & Integrity.

2010-2012 Bishop Provisional, Diocese of Eau Claire.

2007-2010 Congregational Coach and Developer, Diocese of Huron.

1996-2007 Bishop of the newly created Diocese of Eastern Michigan.

1986-1996 Rector of St. Christopher's Episcopal Church in Roseville (St. Paul), Minnesota.

1981-1982 Acting Dean of the Anglican Cathedral in Darwin, Australia (12 month exchange).

1975-1986 Rector of St. Timothy's Episcopal Church in

Indianapolis, Indiana.

1970-1975 Priest Associate at Christ Episcopal Church, Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin.

1967-1970 Rector of St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in Racine, Wisconsin.

1964-1967 Part time hospital chaplain at St. Luke's Hospital, Racine, Wisconsin.

1964-1967 Curate at St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Racine, Wisconsin.