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Coaching Vitality with Integrity

"Where Community is a mystery to embraced... Not a problem to be solved."
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The Rev. Dr. Rob Voyle
Director of the Clergy Leadership Institute and the Transitional Ministry Network
TheVery Rev. Arthur Hancock
Rector, Ascension Episcopal Church, Hayward Wisconsin;
Dean, Northern Convocation, Episcopal Diocese of Eau Claire
The Rev. Dr. Steve Teauge
Rector, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Milwaukee, WI, Diocese of Milwaukee 

"Very helpful for the vestry to focus and work as a collaborative group." "Good for reflecting on how you want your church community to grow and develop." "Especially in the hands of this wise, humane coach, this process helps fire our imaginations and envision future visions - avoiding typical vision traps." "Good approach, worthwhile taking." Do it! Most helpful." "This is a very well organized process that adapts organizational development ideas to address the needs of a congregation." "It really helps get a leadership group thinking creatively, meshing well." "Worth our time and effort - makes us a stronger vestry."

- Vestry of St. Paul's Episcopal Church after doing VIVA 1 and 2


"Ed is a dynamic, engaging and personable leader and has a reassuring amount of experience with congregational coaching, and a sense of what's important. Great team building exercise; helped me feel closer to others and respectful of others' differences and strengths. Do it! Useful discussion regarding opportunities to incorporate new and diverse demographic. It was very helpful to discover how others on the vestry perceived and carried through differently on real challenges and opportunities that face our congregation."

- Participants of a Gift Discernment and Team Building Workshop at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Milwaukee, WI


"In my years of service in the Church, I have participated in a large number of processes to help congregations identify and live into their mission. The VIVA process developed by Ed Leidel and Church Vitality Coaching is, far and away, the very best that I have experienced. Whether congregations are large or small, healthy or unhealthy, the VIVA process enables participants to identify the best of who they are, to embrace a vision of who God dreams them to be, and to develop a realistic plan of action for making their vision a reality. People who have participated in this process come away excited and energized to take their congregations to the next level. It just flat-out works! The coaching is excellent, and God is using Church Vitality Coaching in powerful ways to help the Church move forward in these challenging and changing times."

-The Very Rev. Arthur Hancock
Rector, Ascension Episcopal Church, Hayward Wisconsin

Dean, Northern Convocation, Episcopal Diocese of Eau Claire

"The Mutual Ministry Valuation and VIVA process that Church Leadership Coaching used for the assessing the work of our Bishop and the Council of Advice of the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe proved to be a great boon for us. Above all the process was a spiritual exercise in which the leaders of the Convocation came to know one another better, formed a closer community, and gained a clear vision for the future. All of this was done within an atmosphere of trust, warmth, and prayer. The MMV process and the careful manner in which Bishop Leidel conducted have contributed to the spiritual well-being of our Episcopal Convocation. All who participated in the process felt it was the best such exercise of which they have ever been a part, a model of discernment for a 21st century Christian community."

- The Rt. Rev. Dr. R. William Franklin, Bishop of the Diocese of Western New York


"I would say that this is one of the most beneficial meetings this church has engaged in during my time here; It will help you see what is needed for your church; A great way to stimulate a positive direction for your congregation; VIVA 1 went very well - hopefully it will be successful at the final VIVA stages; Very informative; Leader was very informed and knowledgable; It is a very worthwhile workshop with excellent leadership; Coaches were energetic, knowledgable and very friendly - easy to communicate with; This workshop is very good for parishes that need to revitalize their people through a small nucleus group; This work is an absolute must for any congregation that wishes to be alive and make strategic plans for its future."

- Participants of VIVA 1 at St. James the Apostle, Wallaceburg, ON


"Leaders were inspiring and helpful with bringing all ideas together into meaningful statements. We enjoyed being together as a group where process was non-judgemental (all ideas were listed to); Extremely valuable second step towrds our action plans; Emphaises th positive and is fun; Very interesting process which should help the church immensely; Go for it!; Attending the workshop gives you a whole different look at where your church can go; Very interesting and productive in making you think outside the box; Essential for any church that is serious about being Church; Provides a process to see what can be and makes a path to go there"

- Participants of VIVA 2 at St. James the Apostle, Wallaceburg, ON

"VIVA is an inclusive process which seeks input from all participants; It is key to learning from one another; VIVA gives you a sense of what is important in your congregation; VIVA is positive, focusing and re-energizing; VIVA has been most helpful in recognizing our current position, and enabling future growth in outreach; VIVA 1 helped me to look at who we are, rather than who I wish we were; Great group dynamic; Do it!; Very worthwhile; Informative, enjoyable, helpful; Do this for yourself AND for your congregation; Amazing how VIVA brought us all together to a common focus. Well done; VIVA will help you to identify WHO you are, WHY you are, and HOW to be who you are; This kind of gathering is fundamental to planning growth, change, or improvement that will effect the congregation; very worthwhil;e process to help us move foreward; A very focused process to deepen our awareness of our church, our community and how we think about these things; Our facilitator helped us to process our thoughts and needs in an informative way; A positive environment to re-vision our community"

- Participants of a VIVA 1 & 2 workshop at ELAM in London

"Discovering God's Synergy
in Holy Conversations"
















"Very uplifting, informative, brought us together; try it-you will like it, and it will move your congregation forward; An excellent opportunity to express your views out loud; worth the time and effort; Opens your mind to the possibility that your church can move forward; Stimulating, refreshing; A good learning experience.


-Participants of VIVA 2, Holy Trinity, London, ON


"I had the opportunity to experience the VIVA process at a recent executive Staff retreat. I was deeply impressed with the way in which this experience helped us to identify who we are as staff, who we might become and how we might get there as God’s faithful people. As we moved through the process, I kept thinking what a great tool for the parishes and others areas of our life together in Christ. I commend it for your consideration." -The Rt. Rev. Bob Bennett, Bishop of the Canadian Diocese of Huron

"Awesome!, Worth every Minute, The coaches energy is enfectious and necessary for this is a challenging process, This is a very positive and different approach to overcoming a seemingly bleak situation, Well worth the time, Lots of fresh ideas, This is really worth while, DO it!, Well done. Come with an open mind - do not form your ideas ahead of time because the process of sifting through the ideas to get to workable statements is necessary."

- Particpants of a VIVA 1 and 2 workshop at the Parish of the Holy Spirit at Seaforth, ON


"Come to the workshop with good expectations; Excellent way to share information, how to communicate with one another and a structure to bring out a common vission and mission; Allows you to think of alternate possibilities, and teaches you to be possitive; Very useful."

- Participants of VIVA 1 & 2 at St. Luke in the Fields, Windsor


"All congregations need to do VIVA; Very helpful information; Lots of 'take home' key messages; Coaches are great teachers."

- Participants of VIVA 2 at St. Peter's, Dorchester


"There's a lot of positive energy in this process;VIVA has helped me to understand what it means to be "church;" Useful; Just do it! Agreeably uplifting and refreshing - positive experience - did not get hung up on the negatives or resource constaints; Is upbeat, fast paced, results oriented, inclusive;A very effective way to discern where your congregation is/or wants to be...; Well spent time for educational development; Valuable way for a group to share stories of where we are and turn those thoughts into a common statement; It is an opportunity to explore who we are as a community and discover what this means; Well developed and presented; It was enjoyable, useful and stimulating - well worth attending; Intersting day of valuable information and exercises."

- Participants of VIVA 1 & 2 at All Saints' Windsor